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Caregiver Training and Ongoing Education

Right at Home University (RAHU) has a new look and a new location.

We are pleased to introduce a new Right at Home University (RAHU), powered by Relias Learning. Right at Home caregivers can now access hundreds of online trainings through an enhanced learning platform and mobile app.

If you are a Right at Home caregiver and wish to access the new RAHU training platform, please contact your local Right at Home office or follow the directions below.

NOTE: Each Right at Home franchise has access to RAHU through a unique website. Copy and paste the URL below, replacing the highlighted portion with the four-digit franchise ID.

URL: https://RAH[input 4-digit franchise ID]
Username: All usernames remain the same.
Temporary Password: training

If you are a caregiver and need assistance, please contact your local Right at Home office or email

Right at Home University
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